Top MLS Betting Sites for 2019

Start enjoying the thrills of MLS betting in 2019 and see how you can begin to generate some amazing payouts. With many teams and a wide variety of betting options, you will find you can place any type of soccer bet at leading sites and earn top payouts. Check out our complete guide here and learn how you can bet on soccer.

A Brief MLS History

The history of USA MLS began in 1988 when the US Soccer Federation aimed to create a soccer league for Division 1 play. The actual MLS league was not formed until 1995 and began to play the following year. With 10 initial teams, the league quickly started to grow, adding two teams in 1998. The league had some initial struggles and two teams withdrew in 2001, but USA MLS rebounded easily and now, MLS has one of the highest attendance averages of all professional sports in the US.

Currently, MLS has 24 teams and there are plans to expand the league further, with hopes of 30 teams playing in the next few years. As the largest professional first division soccer league in the entire world, you will find many exciting options when it comes to MLS betting, so read on for your MLS soccer betting tips and start winning today.

MLS Competition and Structure

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As you plan to engage in MLS betting in 2019, you need to be aware of the league structure and current competition. The 2019 season has 24 teams that are divided into two conferences, the Western Conference and the Eastern Conference. During regular season play, each team will play 34 matches, evenly split between home and away games. All clubs will play each conference team twice and non-conference teams once.

As USA MLS teams compete, they will earn points based on overall performance and game results. A win will earn three points, and one point is awarded for a tie. Losses receive no points. As one of the largest division 1 leagues in the world, you will find intense competition in both conferences, offering great opportunities to place a soccer bet and win huge payouts. With 2019 MLS betting, you will enjoy endless activities and will even be able to engage in in-play wagering using MLS soccer betting tips to increase your chances of success.

Top MLS Betting Sites for 2019

When it comes to betting on MLS online, you will want to make sure you choose the best betting sites for the best experience. With many online sportsbooks operating, you will have to take some time to compare odds and lines so that you can have more chances to win when you start enjoying MLS betting.

The top MLS betting sites will offer all soccer bet types and will also present tutorials for those that are new to wagering. There will also be outstanding odds, top picks and predictions, and even in-play betting offered for the most intense action possible.

Always make sure the sportsbook is fully licensed and has a positive reputation. Many sites that operate in the US will focus on MLS betting, so you will find some great odds, super bonus offers, and endless ways to start placing wagers on MLS online lines. All of the sites we mention have been thoroughly reviewed and offer exceptional opportunities to place a soccer bet and start winning with the USA MLS 2019 season.

An Introduction to MLS Betting

There are many ways in which you can enjoy MLS betting and even as a beginner, simple bets can be placed that can yield decent payouts. The most basic soccer bet will be on the result of the game. Since there are just three options, this is an easy bet to make and is a great starting point for new MLS online bettors.

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Odds for MLS betting can be displayed in three ways and this will all depend on where you are placing a bet. In the US, you will find that odds are presented as decimal odds and will be preceded by a + or – sign to indicate the betting line. You will find you have many betting options when you start to bet on soccer and it is suggested to become familiar with the types of bets, which are discussed below.

With some time and patience, you will quickly learn how to bet on soccer and will see why MLS betting has become a major attraction for many residing in the US.

Types of MLS Bets to Take

At leading online sportsbooks, you will find many types of soccer bets to place and they are much more sophisticated than simply betting on who will win a match. Here, we take a look at the more popular soccer bets that are supported at top-rated bookmakers. You can benefit from mls soccer betting tips when placing any of these types of wagers.

·  Money Line – This is one of the more popular bets to place and you will find different odds on the three possible outcomes. There is one thing to be aware of and that is the rules on money line wagers. These bets will only cover the standard 90 minutes of play and will not include any overtime or penalties.

·  Over/Under – For every USA MLS match, bookmakers will set a number of goals to be scored. You will be betting on whether the teams will score more or less than that predicted total. The most common total is 2.5 and the odds will be adjusted based on whether the teams are likely to score more or less than that amount.

·  Point Spread – Point spread bets are a great way to enjoy MLS betting and the point spread will indicate the favorite with a – sign and the underdog with a + sign. When betting on the underdog you may pay a bit more, but your returns will be larger.

·  Parlay – With this, you will be choosing two or more teams and will win the best only if both selected teams win. The payout for parlay bets is higher than a straight bet on a single team, making these bets one of the most popular places at mls online betting sites.  

·  Proposition – Prop bets are fun and exciting and you can basically bet on anything that could happen in a match, from the first goalscorer to most penalties. This is a great way to bet on soccer as these bets can often provide high returns, though you will have to have some knowledge of the teams and individuals taking the field to be a successful bettor with prop bets.

Live Betting on MLS

One of the most exciting options when it comes to MLS betting is in-play betting. With this type of wagering, you will bet on soccer games as they take place. This allows you to always have the most updated odds and the latest stats to make educated decisions. Prop bets are a common choice when placing in-play wagers and you will find the leading sportsbooks to offer this type of betting.

If you want to enjoy live betting, you should pick up a few MLS soccer betting tips beforehand. First, always learn as much as possible about the game to be played, including starting players, team standings, injuries, and past performances. You will also want to watch for line shifts if the underdog gets off to a good start. One of the best MLS soccer betting tips is to take advantage of a line on a favorite if they are losing when you are confident they will come back to win. This can offer some of the best possible payouts when you bet on soccer.

MLS Mobile Betting

Thanks to technology and the presence of reliable and trusted online bookmakers, you can enjoy USA MLS betting action using a mobile device as well. With mobile betting, you will have all of the same bet options and will even be able to place in-play wagers. You just need an account and an internet connection on your mobile device.

Some sites will provide an app for Android or iOS devices that can be used, but you will find that just about every MLS betting site will have a web-based mobile platform. This allows bettors using any operating system to engage in thrilling soccer betting and provides many chances to wager and win on the go.