Best Soccer Betting Apps 2020

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Imagine a sport that is played professionally in almost every nation on Earth, that almost all of us played growing up so we have some understanding of it, and it takes place 12 months of the year. Now imagine being able to place wagers on that sport and the hundreds of professional teams that play it.

No need to keep imagining it. Whether you call it soccer, association football, fútbol, or just “the beautiful game,” it exists. And as a sport to wager, it’s every bit as fun as it was to play as a kid. 

Of course, fun is relative and largely dependent on the sportsbook involved and the different options it allows. But since codified soccer (a nickname derived from the name association football) originates in England – a place where you can bet on everything from darts and snooker to the name of the next royal baby – the gambling options are naturally quite extensive.

Soccer Betting Apps:

Mobile SportsbookAvailable States
FOX BetColorado, New Jersey, Pennsylvania
bet365Download in NJ >>
UnibetNew Jersey, Pennsylvania
DraftKingsDownload in CO, IA, IN, NJ, PA, WV >>
FanDuelDownload in CO, IN, NJ, PA, WV >>
BetRiversColorado, Indiana, Pennsylvania
BetMGMDownload in NJ >>

There is a lot to consider when choosing a good soccer betting app, and here is how we rank our top five.

  1. FanDuel
  2. Bet365
  3. DraftKings
  4. BetMGM
  5. BetRivers

FanDuel Review


FanDuel is consistently rated as one of the best apps on the market, and when it comes to soccer, that rating is no different. It is the best soccer betting app, in our humble opinion.

The app is fast and responsive and a perfect companion to in-play wagering, which is offered. The only downside is that there isn’t an icon on the main page that takes you to the soccer page. That is only accessible through their sports list. But once you do access it, oh my, the options that are available.

Competitions like the Champions League, Europa League, Euro 2020, and the FA Cup are all available. FanDuel has all of the main leagues you want, and a few you may not want, like the Cypriot League (Cyprus) and league play in China. And there is a full slate of possible game and player props to go along with the usual full-game and halftime bets.

FanDuel also offers its new customers a risk-free bet worth up to $500. If you lose, the amount you bet is refunded back into your account in the form of betting credit. FanDuel also offers $25 same-game parlay insurance.

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, and FanDuel is our No. 1-ranked choice for a soccer betting app.

Bet365 Review


With its founding in Stoke-on-Trent in the United Kingdom, it’s no surprise that Bet365 packs an impressive punch as a soccer betting app.

A full-color soccer ball icon on the homepage takes you right to its offerings, and they are plentiful. Broken down by region, you can find all of the European Leagues, including two levels of professional leagues in Romania and the Ukraine Vyscha League. Or if you want to be boring and just put money down on Barcelona, you can do that too.

There are leagues in “The Americas” and Australia, and if you want to bet the under-23 teams of Brunei and Singapore in the South East Asian Games, you can do that too.

You can also bet on a full complement of team and player propositions, and even special bets, such as To Win From Behind, To Score in Both Halves, To Miss a Penalty, and many more options.

There is also in-play wagering available for soccer and a dollar-for-dollar deposit match on new accounts up to $100.

There is a lot to like about Bet365 as a soccer betting app, and it comes in ranked No. 2.

DraftKings Review


If it’s a sport and it can bet on, DraftKings does it well. And that is the case when considering DraftKings’ standing as a soccer betting app.

Like the others before it, DraftKings covers the world with its offerings. From the FA Cup in China to the Greek Super League to the J1 League in Japan to the Prva Liga in Slovenia, if someone is kicking a ball into a net, you can wager on it with DraftKings. And you can do it live.

Along with the massive list of game lines, you can bet on player props, game props, team props, and player and team futures. And of course, World Cup futures, even though the event doesn’t take place until 2022.

You can also get a bonus of up to $500 for new accounts and through its refer-a-friend program, earn another $100 in free bets.

DraftKings offers a complete soccer betting app experience, and we rank it No. 3.

BetMGM Review


BetMGM’s interface is a bit spotty, and, at times, it can be slow to respond to your touch. That can make it less than ideal for in-play wagering, although that is offered on the app.

The other offerings, in terms of the number of teams, leagues, and competitions, is quite robust. You can wager on the Apertura in Mexico, Serie A in Brazil, or Serie A, Serie B, and the Coppa Italia in Italy.

You also have options for the game line, of course. But also full team, game, and player props and a series of special bets. One is called “Run of Play,” which means you bet on how the game will progress. The options are Lead-Win, Lead-Draw, Lead-Lose, and No Goals.

You can also pay to boost your odds on any of its soccer offerings, including specialty props, like will Mbappe and Neymar both score in the same match?

There is also a risk-free bet offer of up to $500, and live streaming is available, which is no doubt a great accompaniment to betting on soccer from Israel in the middle of the night. But the competition is simply too fierce. BetMGM isn’t a bad option as a soccer betting app, but it only ranks No. 4.

BetRivers Review

BetRivers does offer many of the same leagues you can get from other soccer betting apps. You can wager on all four levels of play in England and put wagers down on the FA Cup and EPL Cup. And leagues in Serbia and Switzerland and Poland and Portugal are all available for wagering.

BetRivers is also powered by Kambi, one of the tech giants in the industry, and one of the reasons in-play wagering works so well. So the in-play wagering for BetRivers does work quite seamlessly. 

But the BetRivers app is not available for IOS download. There is a workaround for this, which involves downloading a location validation app that will then allow you to log onto the BetRivers mobile site. But having to take this extra step, and being sent over to the mobile site, which isn’t as responsive as the app, is a big negative.

Overall, BetRivers gets the job done as a soccer betting app. But when considering what else is available, we rank it No. 5.

Leagues and Bets

The first thing you want to look for is the number of leagues that are available to bet. We all know about the English Premier League, La Liga in Spain, and the Bundesliga in Germany. And oh yeah, the MLS in America. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. 


Around the globe from A to U (Ukraine is the last on the alphabetical list that we could find, not including the United States), there are professional soccer leagues that you can bet. Just in the A’s alone, you can bet on matches in Argentina, Australia, Austria, and Azerbaijan.

And those are just the top-level leagues. In England, there is the EPL, Championship League, League 1, and League 2. And none of that includes Scotland. Or any of the competitions beyond league play, like the FA Cup and Champions League.

There are lots and lots of leagues playing at all hours of the day, and almost every day of the year, and you want the betting options to go with all those teams. Like correct score, first goalscorer, and over/under on specific goal amounts like 0.5, 1.5, and so on.

You can bet the moneyline on either team to win or draw. There are halftime results, double-chance opportunities, goal props, corner props, card props, penalty props, and so much more.

The best soccer apps will offer all of them, and many we haven’t even thought of.

Soccer Betting Apps: Banking Options

All good betting apps, and especially for soccer, need to come with good banking options. If the World Cup starts at 1 in the morning and you’re dying to put money down on Nigeria, but your account is empty, you need a fast and reliable way to make electronic deposits.

Bill pay options are easy to set up and the most secure, since you don’t have to give out any credit card information. But almost all good sports betting apps have great security, so you shouldn’t feel uneasy if credit card and direct deposit are your only options.

In this age of high-tech, you should also demand quick withdrawals. Nothing electronic should take more than three business days, and the really good soccer betting apps work much faster.

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