Parlays in Soccer

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When it comes to betting on soccer matches, many prefer to place parlay bets. Parlays in soccer are exotic bets where you will wager on a collection of various teams in different games, all within the same betting categories. If all teams win or tie, you will win the payout, but if just one team loses, the bet will be lost entirely. With this type of betting, there are some huge payouts available, but it is a hard bet to win, so it is often used by experienced soccer bettors only.

Read on to learn all about parlays in soccer and pick up some great soccer picks and tips for betting in 2020. With these, you will have some great chances at placing winning wagers and will be able to enjoy the thrilling world of soccer betting in 2020 – remember, the Euro Cup is this summer!

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Parlay Rules

Parlays in soccer are a popular bet and one must be aware of the rules when placing wagers. These bets can offer larger payouts than a straight bet, but all teams must win the soccer match or cover the point spread in order for soccer parlays to be winners. The best payout will all depend on the number of teams included in the wager.

When betting on parlays in soccer, a tie will result in a lower payout. If one team ties and there are four teams in the parlay, the bet will then drop to a three-team parlay. If a two-team parlay was placed and one of those teams tie, the bet will become a straight bet. As you can see, these changes will result in lower returns on the wager.

While this is a popular type of soccer bet, it does have low odds of winning. However, it is an affordable bet that can yield amazing returns when correct choices are made, making it one of the more lucrative soccer bet options offered at online bookies.

Round Robin

When placing soccer parlays, one option you will find at leading bookmakers is a Round Robin. With this, you can place multiple parlays with just one bet. You will have the ability to bet many parlays at one time and this can lead to some huge returns. Most betting sites will allow between 3 and 8 teams on Round Robin bets and you have the ability to choose the number of soccer parlays.

Even though round robins are a series of parlay bets, there is a major difference when betting these versus a single parlay bet. Not every parlay is required to win for a Round Robin bet to be declared a winner. Each parlay will be an independent event, so you actually have more chances at winning than with standard parlay bets.

If Bets

If Bets are a great option that can reduce the risk with parlays in soccer. As mentioned, with regular parlay bets, all teams must win for the bet to provide a payout. With If Bets, the betting action ceases when one of the picks loses. For example, if you have bet a four team parlay and the first wins and the second loses, you would lose the entire bet amount with a standard parlay. With an If Bet, once a tea, loses, you can receive the remaining part of your wager.

With these bets, the order of your selections will play a key role in payouts. If your first selection is a winner, you will win an equal amount to the stake. If the second selection also wins, you will receive a payout less than the original stake amount, but if the second selection loses, the remainder of the wager will be canceled. Your teams will have to win in the order in which they have been selected for If Bets to be profitable.

Reverse If Bets

If you do not wish to be tied to the order of selection, a Reverse If Bet is also an option with soccer betting. These bets will work in all ways and are a combination of each possible If Bet on any number of selections. There is no possibility of losing returns due to the exact order of selections, so these bets can generate frequent payouts, though they will not be for as much as with If Bets or standard parlays.

With a Reverse If Bet, your initial stake will be multiplied by the number of If Bets that are being combined. A Reverse Bet that includes two selections will cost double the wager. So, if you bet a $10 reverse bet, the total stake will be $20. This will cover Team A as the first selection and Team B as the second as well as Team B as the first selection and Team A as the second.

If Bets and Reverse If Bets are great options for soccer bettors who are looking for an alternative to parlays. While some potential returns will be sacrificed, there is a lower risk involved with these two types of soccer bets.

Soccer Parlay Betting Strategies

Any fan of soccer betting will know that parlays in soccer are one of the most exciting betting options. Combining two or more wagers can be a huge risk, but can also result in large payouts when using a betting strategy. To win with soccer parlays, all of your predictions will have to be correct, so using strategies is essential as they will help to make educated selections and will also help to minimize risk.

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Parlay Betting Strategy #1

One of the best strategies with parlays in soccer is to stick to what you know. Make sure you are familiar with the team and the league and are up to date on past performances, injuries, player stats, and other key pieces of information that will help you make the correct predictions. Make smart soccer picks and utilizes your existing knowledge of teams and leagues to be successful with parlays in soccer.

Parlay Betting Strategy #2

Another key strategy is to avoid high-risk parlays. Soccer parlays that have seven or more selections may offer a massive payout, but these bets also come with a very high risk. Even though the payout can be attractive, it is always best to avoid any high-risk wager to minimize losses and increase the chances of winning a parlay bet. It is better to make low-risk wagers on two or three teams.

Parlay Betting Strategy #3

Finally, try to wager at sites that offer a draw no bet market. This is also referred to as a 2-way moneyline. With this, there is a moneyline with two options for wagering, Team A and Team B. When you add these bets to parlay, it will be like adding a standard bet but they come with better odds. With a Draw No Bet market you will have the choice of either team winning. If there is a tie, the bet is void and you will receive your original wager in return.

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