How to Bet on Soccer: A Complete Guide

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Are you looking to learn how to bet on soccer? Then you’ve come to the right place. The following betting guide attempts to teach you the ins and outs of soccer betting and will have you making money ASAP. For everything you need to know about placing soccer wagers including soccer betting tips, read below!


How to Bet on Soccer Online

To bet on soccer online you will first have to register at a licensed online bookmaker. Unfortunately, if you’re living in a state where online sports betting has not been legalized, this will not be possible. After you have registered for a betting account you may deposit money into your account using a number of payment options. Generally, credit cards and e-wallets are accepted at most online sportsbooks.

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After you have successfully funded your account, you may place wagers on a variety of soccer bets. Both pre-match and live betting options are available at most sports betting sites.

Different Types Of Soccer Bets

Soccer is a simple sport. With two teams allowed 11 players on-field and 90 minutes of action, the winner comes down who scores the most goals. When you bet on soccer online however, a number of various markets are available that aren’t just decided by the result of a match. While the most popular type of bet is still money lines or straight bets, bettors can also wager on:

  • 3-Way and 2-Way Money Lines
  • Goal Lines
  • Over/Under
  • First Half Goal Spread Bets
  • Asian Handicaps
  • Parlays
  • Future Bets
  • Prop Bets

3-Way Moneyline Soccer Betting

A 3-way moneyline soccer bet allows you bet one three results: Team A winning, Team B winning or a draw. Wagers are generally decided after full-time. This means within the 90 minutes of regulation and any additional time added by referees for injuries and stoppages. However, if a team wins in a shootout or extra time the match will be considered a draw. Shootouts and extra time matches only take place during tournaments where a winner is required. 

An example of a 3-way moneyline may look like this:

Team A +140

Draw +260

Team B +200

Due to the fact that there are now three results possible instead of two, the odds for each result are greater. Thus betting on 3-way moneylines can be more profitable if you are able to make correct predictions. Soccer is one of the few sports in which three-way money lines are available.

2-Way Moneylines Without The Draw Soccer Betting

With a 2-way money line soccer bet without the draw, we eliminate the prospect of a draw from the wager. The two possible results will be Team A winning or Team B winning. If the game ends in a draw in regulation time, then all bets are refunded and considered ‘No Action.’

Since the draw option is removed from the moneyline, the odds on 2-way moneylines are considerably lower. Odds on the favorites can be more inflated due to the loss of the ability of the underdogs to draw. 2-way moneylines are ideal for bettors looking for lower risk bets that may not payout as big as 3-ways.

Goal Lines or Spread Soccer Betting

Goal lines or spread soccer betting is similar to points spreads found in basketball and American football games. One of the teams will be given a handicap and another will be awarded a certain number of goals to start the match.

For example:

Team A (-2.5 goals) +110

Team B (+2.5 goals) -120

In this case, Team A must win the game by 3 goals in order to win a wager placed on them. Team B must lose by no more than 2 goals for a wager placed on them to win.

Generally spread soccer wagers attempt to balance out lopsided matchups by giving the underdog a headstart in goals. It allows bettors to get good odds on favorites, even when the match is very one-sided.

Totals Soccer Betting

A totals soccer bet is a popular wager type that doesn’t depend on the outcome of the matchup. Rather, bettors are wagering on the total amount of goals that will be scored during the game. You can either bet on over or under a select number of goals set by the bookmaker.

To calculate the total number of goals, we simply add the number of goals scored by both teams together.


Total Over 2.5 +110

Total Under 2.5 +110

In this example, any bet on the over will require 3 or more goals to be scored in the match. Bets on the under on the other hand, require 2 or less goals to be scored.

Totals bets are usually close to even money in odds, with a small margin or ‘juice’ given to the bookmaker.

First Half Goal Spread Bets

First half goal spread bets are very similar to spread bets but only take into account the first half. Thus, the final scoreline isn’t taken into consideration but rather the scoreline at halftime. Again, one team will be awarded goals and another will be deducted goals to even out the matchup.


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Asian Handicap Soccer Betting

Asian handicap betting, much like spread bets, is designed to eliminate the possibility of a draw in a soccer match. There are two main types of handicaps, half goals (0.5, 1.5, etc.) and whole goals (1, 2, 3, etc.). Half goals handicaps force a result as it’s not possible to score half a goal in soccer. Whole goal handicaps, however, can result in a tie, in which case bets a refunded.

One of the main differences in Asian handicaps is the ability to bet quarter goal handicaps. Quarter (¼) handicaps split the bet between the two closest ½ intervals. For example, a $100 bet with an Asian handicap of 1¾ is equivalent to betting $50 at 1½ and $50 at 2. With ¼ handicap bets, you can both win and draw or lose and draw. 

Asian handicaps start at a quarter goal and rarely go over 3 goals, even in matchups with huge disparities in ability.

Soccer Parlays

Soccer parlays refer to accumulator bets which have 2 or more soccer selections. To win a soccer parlay every selection on the betting slip must win. If even one of the selections loses, the entire parlay loses. 

The idea behind parlay betting is creating big soccer odds by multiplying together the soccer odds of each selection you make. For example:

If you select Team A from Game 1 at 2.00 odds and Team B from Game 2 at 1.50 odds;

A parlay wager on both games would have soccer odds of (2.00 X 1.50) = 3.00 

Each additional wager added to the parlay bet will multiply against the odds, creating an exponential effect. So the more picks you make, the more the odds will balloon. On the other hand, all of the wagers must be winners in order to successfully payout a parlay bet.

Soccer Future Bets

Future bets are just that, wagers made on events that will happen in the long-term future. They are generally related to winning a League or Championship in soccer. Odds are set well in advance for future bets and can change dramatically as the season unfolds. Teams generally have ups and downs during a season, so try to place bets when the odds are at their peak.

Soccer Prop Betting

Prop bets or propositional bets refer to wagers that can be made on any particular occurrence during a soccer game. Prop bets can be on essentially anything and can involve just a match or the entire season.

The following are examples of soccer prop bets:

Will Player X score during the game?

Will anybody score during the first 15 minutes of the game?

Will there be a goal scored with a header this season?

Who will win the toss at the start of the match?

Will Player X score more goals than Player Y in this match?

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How To Bet On Soccer: Betting Strategies

A variety of soccer betting strategies are available, each attempting to provide an edge when placing a wager. Unfortunately, none of the strategies are a sure thing but rather helpful tips to increase your chances of winning. Tips range from simple how to bet on soccer tutorials to advanced soccer betting strategy.

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Some of the most popular how-to bet on soccer tips include:

The Cash Out Feature

The ‘Cash Out’ feature can be very useful if used correctly when learning how to bet on soccer. Many online sportsbooks provide the option of cashing out of bets based on the current state of events of a match. So if for instance, the team you bet on is winning, you can cash out for a profit. On the other hand, if your team is losing, you can mitigate your losses. Cashing out essentially allows you to hedge your bets and if used well can be very profitable.

Follow Soccer Betting Professionals

There is no shame in getting help when betting on soccer. Many professionals post picks and opinions for free on the internet. Their picks generally take into account a number of statistics which increase the probability of winning. Be sure to take advantage of this valuable resource before placing your bets, if for nothing else but to double-check.

Analyze Data

One of the primary skills that can be used to make winning soccer bets is data analytics. By sorting through past performances and statistics you can make more educated bets. While past performances provide no guarantee, they do provide a higher likelihood than betting without any information. Many sportsbooks themselves provide useful statistics, which might be a great place to start analyzing.

Yes, it is legal to bet on soccer games at any licensed online or retail sportsbook in the US. Sports became legal to wager on federally after the Supreme Court repealed PASPA in May of 2018. The lift of the federal ban on sports betting put the power in the hands of state legislation to legalize sports betting. Many states have since passed laws legalizing sports betting, whereas some are still yet to make a move.

States where sports betting is currently legal as running include:

Note that states such as New Hampshire and Montana have the legislature in place but are yet to launch. Expect the rest of the states to either follow suit or delay legalization in the upcoming years.

How To Bet On Soccer: Conclusion

When learning how to bet on soccer it’s important to take into consideration all the bet types and soccer betting tips. Your betting style may employ different types of wagers than you originally thought. It’s best to go through each type of soccer bet and find the one that best fits you!

Don’t forget to check UK premier league betting offers if you’re traveling to the UK to see a Premier League game as you won’t be able to place a bet at your regular US Sportsbooks.

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