How to Bet on the European Championship 2020

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As Europe’s premier international tournament approaches, we’re going to look at how to bet on Euro Championship 2020. We will not only look at Euro 2020 predictions but also Euro betting odds as well.

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Best Picks for Winning Euro 2020

Qualification for Euro 2020 is well underway. With each game week of the qualification stage, we’re getting a little more info on who to bet on Euro Championship 2020 with.

What’s key to understand here is that all teams are still developing. Having said that, given that we’re just several months away from the start of Euro 2020, it does mean that we’ve got a good idea about which teams are likely going to go well.

Below we’ve included our Euro 2020 predictions, along with the nations we believe offer the best odds at the time of writing. To bet on Euro Championship 2020, you can use our bets as a guide or apply our research to your own bets.

Team France Prediction

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It’s going to be hard to look too far past France this year and as a result, they are our go-to bet on the Euro Championship 2020. The reigning World Cup holders have looked imperious in qualifying so far, keeping up their impressive run of form.

We’ve got France as top dogs for the tournament mainly because of their impressive strength and depth throughout the team. They’re blessed right now with some of the best players in the world, such as Pogaba, Kante, Mbappe, Laporte, Lacazette, to name just a few.

A winning mentally is imperative to go far in these types of tournaments. The World Cup win just 2 years prior is still fresh in their heads and this group of players knows what it takes to get over the line. Psychology plays a huge role in the success of any team, so this will be a key factor in our picks for Euro Championship 2020.

France is deflated by the fact that Paris is not one of the host cities for Euro 2020. However, this is the only negative that we can find for France in an otherwise very solid package.

Euro betting odds of +350 for France isn’t a huge price but offers just enough value and they are hard to back against. If you only place one bet on Euro 2020, then we recommend France to be that bet.

Team England Prediction

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England might be second-favorites for the tournament, but still, they come as a risky bet. They’ve not had any international honors since 1966 and have been disappointing in the majority of major tournaments since then.

However, the team seems to have turned a bit of a corner under manager Gareth Southgate. A 4th place finish at the 2018 World Cup in Russia seemed to have breathed new life into a team that is full of young stars.

They’ve always been a team that has qualified well. Their current form backs that up and we aren’t sure how much to read into that so far, given they are the best nation in their group by some distance.

Are they a solid bet? We believe so, and the fact that they are both young and hungry to impress backs this up further. The final, along with several other matches, are going to be held at Wembley Stadium, which should be further encouragement if needed.

Their Euro betting odds of +550 make them only slightly longer to France. We think that it’s just high enough for them to make number 2 spot on our bet on Euro Championship 2020 list, but they will need to step it up a little to get their first international honors for over 50 years.

Team Netherlands Prediction

The Netherlands make our third pick to win the European Cup 2020 and with it, they come as the biggest risk of the three.

The risk comes as they didn’t even qualify for the 2016 World Cup or 2018 European Championship. The team had been in freefall for several years, so it might seem a bit of a surprise to see them as one of our Euro 2020 winner predictions.

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But like all good teams, they’ve gone through a bit of a transitional period and they seem to be coming out on the other side now. There’s little doubt that the success of Ajax in last year’s Champions League team has boosted their confidence and even player profiles to no end.

The Dutch have always been known for their technically sound teams. Will this tournament come too soon for them? Maybe, but they have some amazing players coming through that can win games at the highest level. This is a huge factor in international football.

Their Euro betting odds of +1200 does mean they are outsiders. What we can’t overlook is their squad, with players such as van Dijk, de Ligt, de Jong, Depay, Kluivert, and Cillessen, to name just a few. They are a young team and so often we see the fearless nature of youth proposer in tournaments just like the European Cup 2020.

The Netherlands is our outside pick to bet on Euro Championship 2020 with, but don’t be surprised to see the Dutch bounce back to international football with a bang.

European Football Championship

There’s an incredible amount to get excited about with the European Championships! Not least the fact that it’s being hosted across 12 cities for the first time.

It’s new ground for UEFA and whilst it’s a risk, it’s one that’s probably come at just the right time for international football. It desperately needs some positive press after controversial changes such as VAR and also corruption within the sport that they seem to be unable to shake the shackles off.

Given that we’re not too far away, the tournament seems to be bubbling up nicely. We’ve made three picks above, but to be honest, there are 5 or 6 teams that you could bet on Euro 2020 with a certain amount of confidence.

Don’t forget, our Euro 2020 predictions have not included the likes of Spain, Germany, Belgium, Portugal, and Italy. Even though they’re not the forces they once were, it would be foolish to completely write them off.

Host Cities

If UEFA can pull off the logistics of this tournament then it’s going to open massive doors for future European Championship in years to come. One of the most controversial things about these events is the country hosting, so this year’s mix might just alleviate some of those issues.

As we’ve mentioned, 12 cities will be hosting matches throughout the tournament. Here’s a look at which cities are hosting what and when:

68,700Group stage and

38,065Group stage and round of 16
Group stage, round of 16, semi-final and final




Group stage and quarter-final




Group stage and round of 16

Group stage and quarter-final



Johan Cruyff Arean

Group stage and round of
Republic of IrelandDublin

Group stage and round of


Group stage and round of
RussiaSaint PetersburgKrestovsky Stadium68,134Group stage and
ScotlandGlasgowHampden Park52,063Group stage and round of
SpainBilbaoSan Mames53,332Group stage and round of

The cities will be broken up into pairs and then assigned a group to that pair. This is how the groups and cities will match up:

  • Group A: Rome (Italy) and Baku (Azerbaijan)
  • Group B: Saint Petersburg (Russia) and Copenhagen (Denmark)
  • Group C: Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Bucharest (Romania)
  • Group D: London (England) and Glasgow (Scotland)
  • Group E: Bilbao (Spain) and Dublin (Republic of Ireland)
  • Group F: Munich (Germany) and Budapest (Hungary)

The idea is that each qualified host country will have at least two games at home.

Looking for Euro 2020 Betting Tips?

We’re going to be sourcing some of the industry’s leading tipsters and pundits to bet on Euro 2020 throughout the whole tournament. In the weeks leading up to the group stages, the tips will be coming thick and fast as we cover every game.

One of the main goals of our team is making sure that you get the best Euro betting odds when you bet on the European Cup 2020. 

Make sure to check back with us as the date gets closer for updated predictions and more information.

And read up on the best strategies for betting on soccer with our guides.

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